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Sitting on her sofa, Georgina was looking through the monster archive, but she was constantly distracted. New exciting games kept falling into her hands. “They would be perfect as exercises for monster hunting”!, she exclaimed!
Georgina suggests the following exercise by Bernie DeKoven, to train your munster hunting skills for today:

Welcome to Deep Fun: the virtual library of fun-provoking articles by Blue DeKoven featuring his vast collection of: Funny Games.

All the games in the Funny Games collection are the kind of games you play for fun, just for fun. They are games of the other kind – funny because your playfulness makes them that way. They are also what is currently referred to as “open-source.” They are yours for the playing and the changing and the renaming. Which is one other thing that makes these games as other as they are.

Most of the games require nothing more than a bunch of people. The bunch can be as few as two or as many as you can get together in one place at one time.