Free the Viennese from GRUMPINESS!
Wunderkammer Wien Monster Hunts

Your ticket to a magical experience in the city!
The hilarious Scratch-off card Monster Hunts for friends and family!

Discover cool monuments and strange monsters in Vienna. Find out what they are hiding and discover their true identity.
Scratch free clues from monster cards, solve riddles and learn their stories, for an exciting urban game adventure.


What is an Urban Game?

Urban Games are, in its simplest sense, games to be played in and around the city. They are inspired by the culture and history of the city, therefore they are not only playful ways to learn more about a city but also its past, present and even future.

How does it work?

Each game comes in a pack and contains a map, game objects to provide a stronger gameplay, and a story inspired by the city. All the things you need to play are in the box: The manual explains the game dynamics, the introduction introduces you to the game, and the map shows the game zones where you need to go.

Overhear conversations with your secret AR spy device, find out the secret crime activities, get drawn into Vienna of 2030ies. Inspired by The Third Man and Black Mirror, Lies Under Vienna is an audio adventure game to be played in the city.

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