Monster Hunters beware! Grumpiness reaches unprecedented levels in Vienna; every day new Monsters spawn in secret corners and make the Viennese even more grumpy! This is why we have prepared you new tools so you can be more vigilent in the city. Check out the shop to see these unique gameplay items and enhance your hunting sessions!

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Our crowdfunding campaign to further develop our Monster Hunt app has achieved its goal! Now we can continue working on our virtual monster hunt, which allows people from all over the world to hunt Viennese monsters from afar!
You can still check out our campaign below and see how the project is developing:

Symbol StaedtewesenWhat is an Urban Game?

Urban Games are, in its simplest sense, games to be played in and around the city. They are inspired by the culture and history of the city, therefore they are not only playful ways to learn more about a city but also its past, present and even future.

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How does it work?

Each game comes in a pack and contains a map, game objects to provide a stronger gameplay, and a story inspired by the city. All the things you need to play are in the box: The manual explains the game dynamics, the introduction introduces you to the game, and the map shows the game zones where you need to go.



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