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Monster Hunts


Follow Georgina 2 the Monster Hunter, as she wakes from her hundred years long sleep and discovers a city full of monsters.

The Monsters are all in plain sight, but no one seems to notice them! No wonder they get so grumpy, and make the people around them even grumpier…

Can you help Georgina catch the Monsters in the city? And free the Viennese from their Grumpiness?

Monster Hunt is a location-based game played in Vienna. The aim of the game is to visit real places in the city and find the monsters with the help of riddles, hints and an illustration. The monsters are mostly works of art in public spaces, such as sculptures, figures from fountains or grimaces on building facades. When the monster is discovered, the players can also read the online stories and learn about this peculiar objects and their history.

In each pack, there are 1 map and 6 scratch cards. The map shows the locations of the monsters in the city and each card provides information on the specific monster you need to find.

Use the map to go to Monster Locations, and once you are there, use the card to find its exact location. The front of the card contains a riddle, four hints and an illustration of the monster; scratch them off to find the monster! On the back of the card you will find also a detailed map of the play area to help you.

When you catch the monster, scratch free the secret code on the card and enter it on: www.wunderkammer.wien to see if you were right and to read its story.

Game Packs

It was the year 1918 when Georgina fell into a hundred years long sleep. Fortunately, just before, she left a map and a pack of cards, so you can find the monsters responsible around the Ringstrasse, and bring her back to consciousness!

Vienna used to be a jungle, lush with greens and rivers. But now things have seemed to turn into stone and concrete! Can you find the enchanted monsters from those ancient times and find out  how the paradise of Stadtpark and Donaukanal was lost?

The Monsters are poisoning the centuries long friendship between the Austrians and the Turks! Join Georgina and her friend Hayriye IV of the Good Turks along Brunnenmarkt and Türkenschanzpark,  to find out why and unify the two people again!

The localities of the Monster Hunters Guild in Alsergrund seem to be completely abandoned! Once where arts and sciences sprouted, now Monsters roam. Follow Georgina along the Alserbach and its banks to find out what has fallen upon the river lands.

Hedy Lamarr was not only an actress; have you also heard about her inventions? What was the name of the first computer in Austria? How did Beethoven’s 9th Symphony influence the development of CDs? Unfortunately, no one remembers anymore, and therefore the monsters get grumpy! Can you help Georgina trace the Viennese Monsters of Technology?

Teamplay with UBIT Wien!

In the heart of the Viennese Wurstelprater, beyond the neon glow and nostalgic rides, a mysterious grumpiness spreads over the visitors! From the Venetians to Wurschtel, from Calafati to magical performers, the legends of Prater are one by one being forgotten! When memories fade, only one thing remains: the grumpy monsters!

In the Meanwhile

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We always need people to test our games as well, so if you are brave enough to test our work in progress, here is the test registration link.

In the meanwhile, you can always write us if you know cool monsters around the city, or wish specific themes and districts. We are constantly on the look for the next Monster Hunt pack!