Terms of Service

1. Validity of the terms and conditions

1.1 The contract between City Games Vienna and players to participate in an Urban Game is concluded with the product purchase. By declaring to purchase, the player submits to these terms and conditions. This also applies in the event that the player pre-orders the purchase via the Internet.

1.2 By transferring the invoice to a third party, the contractual relationship is transferred to the purchaser by applying these GTC. The seller of the invoice is obliged to inform the purchaser of the validity of these terms and conditions.

1.3 For persons who are in the premises, without these terms and conditions become effective by way of a contract conclusion, these terms and conditions apply as house rules.

2. Liability

2.1 The games of City Games Vienna can only be played at your own risk and responsibility.

2.2 Children before the age of 14 are allowed access only with an adult companion. When visiting a group of children, the responsible person must be named as such. This escort is responsible for the supervision of the children and in particular the obligation to ensure the safety of the children and to protect them from damage.

2.3 The use of all systems is at your own risk. The player is obliged to provide for his own safety, in particular by using the existing security devices, observing warning and warning signs and complying with the instructions of the supervisory staff.

2.4 No liability is assumed for loss or theft of objects introduced.

3. Acquisition of a game

3.1 The order (online or by phone) is binding.

3.2 For the acquisition of a valid game reservation, the prices shown for the respective games apply. The prices include sales tax and other charges to the extent required by law. Due to §6 (1) z27 UStG (Small Business Regulation) our sales are not tax-exempt.

3.3 The player is obliged to check immediately after receiving the order whether he has received the order confirmation for the desired order. Subsequent complaints will not be considered.

4. Gameplay

4.1 The player can play the game at any time.

4.2 The playrooms are public spaces in the city.

4.3 The use of personal items (cameras, cell phones, keys, tools …) during the game is allowed.

5. Changes

City Games Vienna reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice. The latest version applies.