Image Credits: Play:Vienna

Summerlab with Play:Vienna

Summerlab is a yearly „play camp“ organized by Play:Vienna, in the countryside near Vienna. Participants attend workshops on character building, game making, social interactions and similar topics; and further test and play many other games. Apart from these, it is also the special time of the year the community of game makers come together to pause a bit the rush of city life, and enjoy living, cooking, eating and chilling together.

Philipp, along with Clara, was already the organizer behind the event; Tamer also attended for two and a half days, one day even giving an introductory workshop to Arduino and creative electronics.

An interesting part of the Summerlab was the test for the game-in-progress Silent Hill from Alex Vier. Being played in completely dark surroundings, the players try to collect red LEDs, while a monster crawls in the dark. The only way to escape from the monster, though, is to keep listening to the radio, where disturbing music starts to resonate out of noise, as the monster approaches. This game was inspiring, as it reminded once again the strength and the analog beauty of FM radio. Im Untergrund, originally designed as a radio game, was decided to be realized with MP3s, due to feasiblity reasons. Still, a small radio version of iU sounds exciting!