Photo Credit: İlkan Sücüllü

Enter Rabbit Hole!

During summer 2016, City Games project has an official location!

A practice that is becoming more and more popular in cities is the usage and rental of vacant properties, like buildings that would be demolished or that have been empty for quite long time. Birdhouse on Auerspergstrasse 17 was an example in Vienna, an old bank to be renovated into a residential space, the building has been rented out in the last years to agencies, collectives and societies.

In the last two months of its “vacant” lifetime, Tamer, Utku and Ilkan decided to rent the space, mainly to obtain a work environment that can provide the fertile ground to fluently realize their projects, especially City Games. Still, it did not take a very long discussion before Utku came up with the name, Rabbit Hole, a place where the most unexpected and impossible things might occur. Currently, the space is being operated as an office, meeting area, electronics workshop, and A/V studio, not to mention it as a gathering space where even play is permitted.

After these two months, the crew will have to leave this “vacant space.”  Yet, the more interesting question arises in the long run, when such spaces can become Rabbit Holes spread around the city, where makers and players of City Games can come and build together. It looks like time will show this.