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City Games Concept Presentation at Maker Faire Vienna

The first work package of City Games project, the Creative Concept, was concluded with a concept presentation at the first Maker Faire of Austria, on 16th of April.

Maker Faire is the exhibition event of the Maker movement, where amateurs and professionals come together to show their works and share their experiences and knowledge. It is very much intertwined with Do It Yourself and Open Source philosophies, directly fitting with City Games as well. The first Maker Faire of Austria was realized in Vienna on April 2016, welcoming thousands of makers, hobbyists, inventors and people of all ages. Learn more about it here:

The presented concept constitutes the research phase of the project, setting the guidelines for the next steps of the project where design and developments take place. This concept document is also made available, being an open source document, in digital and presentable formats.

See the presentation video below!

Video Credits: Shooting by Veronika Pauser, Cut by Sophie Stallegger