City Games are a variety of board games designed to be played in cities. Each box comes with its own board and inventory: enhanced with creative technologies, these play tools provide a new way of creating magic.

The Boardmap!

The smart and playful companion of the game! Plays with light, feels the way, beats when you are close!

Play Book
The script of all knowledge. Not just a guide, but a manual, to see inside the workings of your games and your cities.

All your tools! Tickets, identities, black light torch, white rabbit stamps.

The Games!
The magic that comes alive! The footsteps of others, sights of unknown, secrets of the city.


Discover and collect the curiosities of Vienna, by trying to solve visual riddles on the map and spotting out the items around the city.

Overhear conversations with your secret spy device, find out the secret blackmarket points, get drawn into Vienna of 1940ies. Inspired by The Third Man, Im Untergrund is an audio adventure game to be played in the city.

Follow the footsteps of a schizophrenic in 1930s Vienna, witness how his reality falls apart and the borders with fantasy blurs. Discover his hallucinations by using your blacklight torch to see what is not normally seen.


City Games is an ongoing creative industry innovation project, realized by White Rabbit, a collective of creatives, developers, artists, game makers, designers and video makers. Below are news from the progress since it began.

Funded by aws Impulse XS Creative Industry Innovation program

Realized by White Rabbit, collective for playful living

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